Students in Mr. Mark Hyde's Gilmer Middle School classes were recently awarded a major audio/visual technology grant from the Georgia Department of Education which included video cameras, encoder, iPads, and related hardware and software.  Pictured with some of the new equipment is the GMS Morning News Team consisting of Lucy Ray, Lily Thurman, Edgar Guzman, Angelo Spadaro, and Caden Farist. Mr. Hyde and his students are very excited and eager to share their productions with the community in the near future.

Our Students of the Month for March.  
Back Row, Left to Right: 
Wyatt Stokes, Haden West, 
Avery Moseley, Noah Turner, Jacob Kucera,  and Principal Larry Walker
Seated Left to Right: Marisol Mendoza, Leticia Tercero, and Brianna Moles

Our Students of the Month for February.  
Left to Right:  
Samantha Weaver, Isaac McClure, Caylee Elrod, Clay Finck, 
Sara Patterson, Madison Reeves, Maria Raymundo, not pictured, 
Blue Blake. 
Principal, Larry Walker

2018 Team Georgia Big/Little kid's State Championship
(L/R) Hayden Berry 4th place, Carson Farist 3rd place, Aaron Parris 5th place, Angelo Spadaro 3rd place, and Harley Baughman 5th place
(Upper L/R) Josh Carwell, Harley Baughman, Aaron Parris, Kaleb Davis, Carter Pinyan, Angelo Spadaro, Oscar Raymundo, John Daniel Dorsey (bottom L/R) Rhett McGregor, Hayden Berry, Carson Farist, Harrison Chester, Isaic Shorter, Pascual Escobar, Bregan Berry.  
Coached by: Bo Dorsey

The Gilmer Middle School​ 6th grade math team participated in a competition on February 8th at Berry College with 13 other schools.  Rowan Todd placed 4th out of 56 students in the individual portion.  Pictured (l-r) David Rafael-Garcia, Rowan Todd, Harley Baughman, Allie Stanley, Kohan Davis and Ava Sanford (back)
We are proud of our Bobcats!

Gilmer Middle School Young Author Award winners:
(l-r) 6th grader Emily Mathis and 5th grader Jacquelyn Gonzalez Santos
In back are English/Language Arts teachers Marcia Hayden and Carly Chron

Congratulations to the Gilmer County 12u boys basketball Allstar team, district runner-ups! The 12u boys Allstar team will be representing Gilmer County in the state tournament this coming Friday....Go Bobcats! Good Luck!!

Students of Gilmer Middle School are: Ryder Wofford, Jacob Bucerra, JD Taylor, Cooper Farmer, Jackson McVey, and Will Capstick

Clear Creek Middle: Bryson Daniels, Christian Sumner, and Andrew Little

Congratulations to Clay Finck.  He was chosen by his Team 5B teachers as WLJA Student of the Week! 

Our January Students of the Month! 
Seated left to right: Jake Hoek, Issac Rellinger, Lasha Young
Standing left to right: Luis Chavero, Michael Little, Cole Wilson, Jackson Smith, Jake Hice
Principal Larry Walker, Asst. Jessica Chastain

The WLJA Student of the Week is 6th grader KateLynn Carder.  She was chosen by her 6A teachers and Coach Farmer.  Congratulations!!

GMS Scripps Spelling Bee Winners! These kids will go on to compete at the county level!

Left to right: Mrs. Wells, Media Specialist, Mei-Ling Schoeneman, Ava Sanford, 
Cadence Sevcech, Jackson McVey, Brayden Harbin, Hudson Gearhart

Our Students of the Month for November! 
Bobcat proud!
Standing left to right: Alaina Miltiades, Jacquelyn Gonzales, Sandra Pantoja, Lannah Duvall, Isaac Setser, Principal, Larry Walker
Sitting left to right: Katelyn Williams, Rylan Freeman, Gisele Reeves

Congratulations to Lucy Ray for being chosen as WLJA student of the week!  Lucy was chosen by her 6B Team Teachers.  Way to shine, Lucy!

GMS Student Council collected 51 toys and donated them to The Gilmer Family Connections.  They brought in some really neat things.  
So proud of our Student Leaders!  

October Students of the Month! 
Back Row, Left to Right: Trenton Johnson, Christian Lucia, Eli Cooper, Carter Pinyan, and Olivia Shull.  Principal, Larry Walker

Sitting front left to right: Araleigh Scott, Erica Reynoso, Cindy Perez.

GMS students nominated by 5th grade math and science teachers for the 2017 National Youth Leadership Forum: Pathways to STEM
front (l-r)​:  Stephen Long, Kadence Schneider, Juliebelle Queen, Jake Hoek and Blane Banks
back (l-r):  Kylyn Drullinger, Hannah Chester, Aliza Chastain, Madison Bradshaw and Jackson McVey
not pictured Keileigh Jasinski

GMS students were chosen to attend the annual Latino Youth Leadership Conference in Kennesaw on 11/4/17.  Looks like a great group of kids! 

Pictured front (l-r):  
Cristofer Chun, Edgar Guzman, Domingo Lopez and Eddie Gonzalez
middle (l-r):  
Juana Rafael, Nicky Perez, Linda Tercero, Cindy Hernandez, Yasmin Guzman, Amalia Perez and Yesica Tercero
back (l-r): 
6th grade teacher Nallely Juarez, Luis Chavero, Anthony Inestroza, Ashley Sanchez, Jaylene Rangel, Clarisa Martinez, David Rafael, and Melinda Chambers, conference advisor

Gilmer Middle School Teachers of the Year

Congratulations to our Bright Ideas Grant Winners!

Ms. Patty Galicia

Ms. Amber Burrell

Dr. Jennifer Farist

Check out our math rock stars! 

On September 19th, the Gilmer Middle School
6th grade math team placed 5th out of 14 teams
at the Berry College math competition in Rome, GA.  
Lucy Ray and Rowan Todd also placed in the top 20 
out of 112 in the individual portion.

Pictured (back l-r): Rowan Todd, David Rafael, 
Noah Turner, Harley Baughman, and Lucy Ray; 
(front l-r): Ava Sanford, Allie Stanley, 
Teacher Mrs. Lori Moles and Kohan Davis

Congratulations to our Students 
of the Month for September!

Left to right:  Parker Ellington, 
Nathan Hall, Mackenzie Pierce, 
Abigale Putnam, Cooper Wingate, 
Linda Tercerro, Talyn Curtis, 
Mauricio Jimenez- Escobar, 
Principal Larry Walker. 

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee Winners!                                 All of our spelling bee contestants.
They will go on to compete in ETC3's                                            We are so proud of all of you! 
Spelling Bee in November!                                                           Way to go Bobcats!
Blane Banks, Cadence Sevcech, Jackson 
McVey, and Deacon Shull.
Our alternate speller is Jayla Teague!

Congratulations to 6th grader Charlotte Davenport 
for being selected as WLJA Student of the Week
  She was chosen by Team 6C teachers.
Way to go, Charlotte! Bobcat proud!

Introducing our 2017-2018 Student Council 
Officers Student Advisory Board:
President (Boy)     Caden Farist
President (Girl)     Lucy Ray
VP (Boy)              Kohan Davis
VP (Girl)              Lily Thurman
Secretary            Carder Farist
Public Relations   Olivia Shull

5th grade reps     Jacquelyn Gonzales
                          Jackson McVey

Way to go Student of the Month
kids! We are very proud of you!

Left to Right: Ingrid Quisquina
                Katelyn Gill
                Hannah Chester
                Kolby Reece
                Cole Powell
                Kalie Newton
                Addison Smith
Not pictured: Isabella Verran
Principal: Larry Walker
Asst. Jessica Chastain

Feb 26, 2016, 7:30 AM